Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick Reference Becomes Research Support

The former Quick Reference Collection in the Library, which housed key reference works for consultation, has been repurposed to better reflect the developing and changing learning, teaching and research needs of GSA students and staff.
We've withdrawn from stock several books that were out-of-date or superseded, and replaced them with up-to-date editions. We've also ordered in lots of new books to address developing areas of interest or research activity with the School. It's all part of our aim to address library collections to the important research and learning strategies of GSA.
Last but not least, we've also completely reclassified the collection, so that books are more coherently arranged on the shelves. You'll now find sections on research methods, citation and referencing, English language and grammar, foreign languages, copyright, designs and patents, and standards and product directories, along with all the usual encyclopaedias and dictionaries you would expect to find. A complete list of shelfmarks can be found on the Library website.