Monday, June 22, 2009

The Titan, Clydebank

I spent a fascinating couple of hours this weekend visiting the Titan crane at Clydebank, a few miles west of Glasgow's centre. Built in 1907 for the John Brown's shipyard, the Titan is the world's first giant cantilever crane and is one of only 13 remaining. Following closure of the shipyards, the crane has been refurbished and re-opened as a visitor attraction, and it is now possible to walk along its top for a panoramic view of the area, and to visit the structure's wheelhouse where there are archival photographic and film displays. As well as offering glimpses into Clydebank's industrial past, the Titan provides an opportunity for aerial perspectives of the regeneration work being undertaken by the Clydebank re-built partnership.
Access: Limited opening hours; admission charge