Monday, October 29, 2012

Foundations for a New Future in Housing

Hot off the press, the Future Homes Commission have released the findings of a year-long national inquiry into the quality of newly built housing in the UK. 'Building the Homes and Communities Britain Needs' calls for more investment into high-quality architectural design to help drive the recovery of the housing crisis and increase the well-being of British homeowners. The report proposes the UK can be lifted out of recession, thousands of new jobs generated and the housing shortage problem solved by a complete overhaul of the way new housing development is funded, built and marketed. RIBA, who launched the inquiry in September 2011, are supportive of the Commission's proposals for income to be generated from within local authority government to finance a three-fold increase needed in new home constructions. The focus on good design for the future with consideration to the needs of the homeowner is a central aspect of the pioneering report which is freely available as a pdf document via the RIBA website.