Thursday, November 01, 2012

Imagined Architecture

An illustrated archive of improvised, un-built buildings and sculptures is available to flip through online. 'Drawing Building' is a collaboration between artists Matt Bua and Maximilian Goldfarb who opened the project up to a wide variety of professionals including artists, architects and designers. The suggested categories to entice participants include such titles as 'Microcommunity' 'Misuse' and 'Technosustainable' and the submissions received veer from the eccentric to impossible, whilst always demonstrating great conceptual innovation and a fantastical vision of the future. Drawings are added to the archive as they are received by Bua, an installation artist and Goldfarb who works across artistic mediums. Non-conformist and non-conventional, the contributions here are intended to raise the profile of alternative ways of thinking about the design of the built environment.