Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Manchester Modernist Society

A unique group of influential writers, broadcasters, lecturers and general architecture enthusiasts help to form the unique collective known as the Manchester Modernists. Since its foundation in 1965, the not-for-profit  society has existed to candidly document anything of architectural intrigue around the city, be that at street level or hidden from view behind the patina of modern-day Manchester's "tarted up million dollar revamps." The history of the huge influence of modernist styles on this one-time, industrial city is distilled through the members' humorous observations and anecdotes on a website which exudes personality through its witty presentation style.

The influence of the post-war, modernist period on the area is well-documented in turgid textbooks. This site provides a fun and current perspective aimed at engaging the public in a discussion about the 20th century backdrop they inhabit. Have a nosy at their mission statement and check out the pictures of local architecture shown on the group's Flickr page.