Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Glasgow Selected as 'Smart City'

Glasgow has won out over 30 other cities in a funding bid for £24m to transform it into a futuristic 'smart city'. Glasgow's smart city project will comprise a series of projects using real-time information about transport, energy, crime and health
to demonstrate how integrated data management can improve both the local economy and the quality of life for denizens and people working in the city. Examples include funding to connect Glasgow's network of surveillance cameras and a variety of mobile applications to improve communications about transport services across the city. The data collected aims to show how a city of the future may work.

Any cynics could be forgiven for deeming this a spin on last week's turn of events which saw plans to redesign George Square, scrapped. The announcement could be seen as a way to ensure the Glasgow public are kept onside as architects and journalists scrabbled to publicise their views. Whatever your thoughts on the handling of the George Square debacle, the funding boost can really only be considered a positive. The use of innovative technologies which better pool city-centre resources and may work to assist regeneration in urban areas is an exciting talking point for architects and urban planners. This latest announcement helps to ameliorate some of Glasgow's recent embarrassment and places welcome focus on its 'smart' future.