Friday, January 25, 2013

Government Release 'Create Streets' Report

In recent times, the demolition of high-rise buildings in Glasgow has become accepted as a necessary and inevitable means of improving social living conditions for the city's population. The findings of a recent report from Policy Exchange (a Tory think tank geared at developing and promoting policy ideas to enhance public services) take this supposed catalyst for regeneration one step further by proposing the demoltion of high-rise flats and their replacement with low-rise flats and terraced houses. The 'Create Streets' report suggests this should help deal with the health and social problems associated with life in densely populated areas.

Radically, the report claims that terraces have the potential to achieve the same density of housing as high-rises and advocates the building of 260,000 new homes in London in seven years through the demolition of tower blocks.

Perhaps concerned about the calculations and the implications for housing design, critics have pointed out the problem of the capital's housing shortage and say that this is not the time for change. The debate may catch on in the Scottish Parliament with the demolition of Balornock's Red Road flats in Glasgow for example, now fully underway. Download the report and form your opinions at the following link: