Wednesday, January 16, 2013

UoG Release Town Plans of Glasgow's Queen Street Station and George Square

The most recent blog entry from the Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit at University of Glasgow's Library features a revised town plan of the city in 1893 around the areas of Queen Street Station, George Square and the City Chambers.

The map is intended as an ordnance survey of Glasgow, however on closer scrutiny it also reveals hidden details of another era in the city's urban development. The 'Night Asylum', 'Electric Lighting Stations' and 'The Western Club' captured the imaginations of the staff at University of Glasgow (UoG) who provide some historical context to explain the city's demand for these buildings in the late nineteenth century. The assimilation between social conditions in Victorian Glasgow and urban planning are exposed by reading more about the buildings' past on the blog.

It is possible to zoom and pan-in on the map by clicking here.

The excellent resources available from UoG are worth keeping in mind for researching local urban development and town planning. The unit of Maps, Official Publications and Statistics can be found on Level 7 of the Library building which GSA students can access by presenting a student card to security staff at the Library entrance. For more information on this specific blog, see UoG's blog entry at the link.