Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"City Shock"- the Why Factory's new book reaches the Library

The events in the news this month read like fictitious headlines: a meteor plunging towards Earth injured dozens of people in Russia as it shattered against the atmosphere; an asteroid passed above our heads - a mere 28,000 km away. With all this intergalactic activity dominating the headlines, we were relieved to discover that the only thing that had landed on our desks by Monday morning was the Why Factory's new book "City Shock - Planning the Unexpected".

This outlandish, journo-style publication explores the theme of 'fear' in urban planning decisions in a world where even the most absurd scenarios are plausible.  In "City Shock" the Why Factory take our fear of disaster further by proposing a set of radical 'What if' scenarios and composing a sequence of fantastical newspaper reports -(im)possible headlines included. The book then imagines how each of these scenarios could play out in the Netherlands between 2018 and 2047.

The idea is fantastical but the theory behind the publication is grounded in logic: expose the possible causes and potential consequences of disasters and 'fear' itself can be used as a guide for urban planning.

The book will be appearing in the New Books stand and at 720.103/MAA on the main lending shelves soon. You can read more about The Why Factory's activities at the link below: