Tuesday, February 05, 2013

New Online Journal - Architecture_M_P_S

A new online academic journal has just come to our attention. Architecture_Media_Politics_Society or, 'Amps' for short, operates a forum for the analysis of architecture in the mediated environment of contemporary culture. According to the journal's editors, the social context is intrinsic to the design of buildings which we could therefore, regard as 'phenomenon'. Contributors to the journal can add their publication to the burgeoning online resource repository which acts as a useful information resource in its own right.

One 'interview article' with an architect professional or researcher is published monthly. The journal is heralding this as a new genre for academic writing in that the interviews expand on the references made by the interviewer or interviewee, thereby forming a quasi-academic literary form. For some, this written format will really help to summarise the complex issues being discussed while for others, the use of footnotes could help broaden the argument out.

This month's article is by renowned architecture mogul Daniel Libeskind who characteristically, has written an article entitled 'The Socio-Political Minefield of Symbolic Architecture'. Read here: