Friday, March 22, 2013

WIRES - Women in Renewable Energy

Remember as you traipse through the blustery snow on this Spring day, that the cold and windy climes of Scotland are useful for generating a large proportion of the country's economy. As we capitalise on the money generated from our renewable energy sources and subsequent developments in the industry, there is a thriving employment sector springing up. Surprising then, that of this large demographic, (covering careers such as engineers, lawyers, environmentalists and admin staff) women account for just 17%.

That's according to WIRES, a forum for female professionals working in the industry. Its aims are to support and inspire women to seize the emerging employment opportunities, and highlight the benefits to business of diversifying in a sector where women are chronically under-represented. The thinking is that if employers and industry representatives can be made to recognise the talents of women studying and working in renewable energies, then Scotland can be helped to achieve its potential as a world leader in renewable energy- with a lot more than just the poor weather going for us! 

Events are occasionally held in Scotland with talks given from MSPs and women in the industry. Visit the WIRES website, or follow the group on LinkedIn: