Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Glass-House Community Led Design

They say people in glass-houses shouldn't throw stones but community participation experts 'The Glass-House Community Led Design' have been pitching some weighty ideas around community engagement in urban design since 2006. 

The charitable organisation brings together communities and regeneration professionals to equip both groups with the skills to contribute to urban design projects that benefit local people. The idea is to better inform the design process with the result being "more intelligent, dynamic and sustainable places." And the theory is backed up by practice; the group are actively using their experiences of supporting projects to influence policy and practice around the issue of community led design. Projects have so far included various buildings, spaces, homes and neighbourhoods including the Aviemore Sports Centre Project with collaborative research projects underway at University of Sheffield, University of Birmingham and the Open University.

Follow the links to the group's blog, project showcase and list of useful resources for a directory of regularly updated opinion, project information and publications. Also, look out for touring events which offer the opportunity for everyone with an interest in urban design and community initiatives to share experiences and debate the priorities behind area-planning and redevelopment projects.