Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scottish Government's 'Creating Places' Policy Document

A national architecture policy for Scotland which emphasises the importance of 'place' in enriching people's lives has been launched this week.

In the 'Creating Places' policy statement, the Scottish Government vows to achieve positive change for communities and for the architecture profession through collaborative design projects. This involves a commitment to work with Architecture & Design Scotland (A+DS) to publish an annual review of emerging Scottish design practices, a commitment to promote community participation in design and planning, and a commitment to support the RIAS Festival of Architecture in 2016.

The report is significant for its recognition of the important role design plays in shaping the quality of people's environments, and the economic benefits to be gained from good design. Through its publication, the Scottish Government appears to be offering an outstretched arm to the architecture and design sector. The  message is clear: successful architecture and place-making are the necessary mechanics to facilitating prosperous economic, social and environmental change in Scotland.

Read the full report here.