Thursday, August 15, 2013

New ebook: 'After Art' by David Joselit

We thought we'd use today's blog post to crow about a new ebook that's just been added to the catalogue. After Art is written by respected scholar and critic David Joselit who has authored or contributed content to a number of books held in GSA Library. You can view search results using his name here.

Hot off the press and pretty compact at just 116 pages, Joselit's essay describes the transformation of art and architecture in our digital world. Online reviews are positive with praise for Joselit's ability to condense a lot of complex theory about the digital explosion into clear and succinct language, illustrated by the use of diagrams.

The essay pivots on one important declaration: that the 'age of art' is over. According to Joselit, the heyday for individual artists being known over their artworks is confined to history; nowadays the art world is witnessing a seismic shift from 'art' to images and objects. Given the proliferation of images which new technologies enable through appropriation and reformatting, and the acceleration of globalisation brought about by networks, images can be viewed as a form of currency with the issue of 'connectivity' inevitably impacting on the subject of artists' and architects' work. Joselit uses the work of architecture firms OMA, Reiser + Umemoto and the now defunct, Foreign Office as examples to make the point.

Not only are we intrigued by the theory, but the fact the book addresses architecture as well as art makes it well worth a read. You'll need your GSA log-in to view the ebook both on and off campus.