Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Online resources: Changes to Digimap Interface

With the new term rushing towards us, we're highlighting some small improvements to Digimap's online interface. Users of Digimap, (the comprehensive map and data collections which incorporate Ordance Survey data for academic use) will be pleased to see the following changes being made:

Changes to Searching
Button moved to the top right of the interface 


Changes to Printing
Button moved to the top left of the interface


Changes to Saving and Opening your Maps and Annotations
Easier to use Save and Open interfaces

Click Open to view previously saved maps and annotations. Click Save to store your maps and annotations for later.


Further details on the changes with a full explanation of the new functionality is available here. Surely, welcome amendments to an already highly-sophisticated and valuable resource. As always, access to online resources is available through a search of the Library catalogue