Thursday, September 26, 2013

Memory blogs as an online resource

At today's Scottish Learning Festival, I got to attend a fascinating lecture by Claire Griffiths who runs the Moray Heritage Memories Project and publishes all the information online in the Moray Heritage Memories blog.

The blog is a great example of a community-led project which generates great inter-generational learning as Claire Griffiths, herself a teacher at Primary and Secondary school level, gets children from Moray to interview their elders (65 yrs old and above) about their memories and professions when they were young. These interviews help uncover the rich heritage of long-lost professions and crafts unique to rural Scotland and lead onto further research and art projects which also get featured on the blog.

This blog is a real mine of information for anyone researching Scottish crafts, culture in the North of Scotland or anything to do with inter-generational community projects as well as oral history projects. Claire Griffiths not only includes the interview transcripts, but also a wealth of images, video materials and sound clips, which will hopefully capture your imagination.

You can also check out Claire Griffith's previous project with the Keith Primary School Memory Blog, which was a similar project but centered around all the Keith Primary School past and present users and their memories of the school around the time it was due to be demolished. This was a great example of giving local communities who had strong feelings against the demolition of the school a place to express the emotions generated by such an event.