Monday, September 16, 2013

New publications: A+DS Quality and Value in Public Development

Two new reports from Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS) provide support to those creating and designing health buildings.

'Sustainability in Re-use' takes a case-study approach to the impact and opportunities of re-using existing healthcare facilities as an alternative to new build projects.The report's findings aim to dispel the myth that existing healthcare buildings are not fit for reuse. It is hoped this will support the NHS to make confident decisions about the reuse of buildings on their existing sites before opting to build new facilities.

The second report, 'Quality and Efficiency: Value for money lessons and performance measures from the Primary Care Reference Design Project'  tasked two architecture practices; BDP and Gareth Hoskins Architects to develop designs for healthcare which fit the government's new agenda for integrated social and health care and could be delivered efficiently and inexpensively. Gareth Hoskins' design was selected for development due to the architects' considered proposal of how the building would compliment the working activities of medical staff in the hospital. The project is an example of the good working practice advocated in 'Creating Places', Scotland's new architecture and place policy statement which was launched in June this year. Read our previous blog post for more detail.

Based in The Lighthouse, Glasgow, A+DS are Scotland's champion for excellence in architecture, place-making and planning. The Scottish government sets out the broad agenda for the organisation making any publication they produce worthy of note to architects and urban developers. Follow on Twitter @ ArcDesSco