Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Give-Get Library: the library concept re-imagined

We were rather intrigued when we first heard of Colchester opening the first community managed ‘give-get’ library in Essex. What does a 'Give-Get' Library consist of? It's actually another great development in the successive history of new creative maker spaces such as FabLabs, etc... Working in partnership with Essex Libraries the facility on offer will grow and diversify its resources over time. However, it will start its life by hosting a history archive and an online directory of local crafters, designers, hackers and makers.

The library describes itself as follows: "A multimedia 'give-get' library works on the basis that those who access it also contribute to it. By harnessing our community's knowledge, expertise and know-how through the provision of local publishing and editing facilities, we hope to grow as a community and increase both our individual and our collective potential."

This combination of library/hacklab/archive is particularly interesting as it redefines the concept of a library as more than just a repository of books, but rather as a repository of knowledge. We look forward to hearing more from the project as it develops. To find out more about the St Botolph's initiative and its Give-Get Library, follow this link.