Friday, October 04, 2013

Noam Chomsky’s ‘first ever comments on the built environment’

Interesting journal entry for your architecture theory studies... You can follow this link to read what is claimed to be Noam Chomsky’s ‘first ever comments on the built environment’ in the free online journal architecture_mps.

In this full-text article, [Chomsky] ‘considers the contemporary infrastructure of the United States in the context of his writings, criticism, and thought. In doing so, he discusses the military infrastructure crossing large swathes of the southern United States in the form of the US-Mexican border. He also discusses urban sprawl as a product of what he calls “social engineering”—a project conceived and orchestrated by a sophisticated web of affiliations across the government and the private sector. Caught up in this, he also pinpoints the subprime crisis and the current economic recession as the result of a matrix of forces within which architecture inevitably played a role.’

Well worth a good read, wouldn't you say?