Tuesday, November 26, 2013

MacMag 39 are online!

For anyone who doesn't know, MacMag is the School of architecture's long-running yearly magazine, which is edited every year by a new group of Diploma students, with the end-product counting towards their dissertation. This year's group, working on MacMag 39 are approaching the topic with two clear angles.

First of all, they're taking inspiration from the opening of the new Reid Building and setting their theme this year as "Then and Now", which has led them to delve into the Library's collection of back issues of MacMag, going back to its very beginnings:

Secondly, they're intent on increasing the Magazine's online presence, which is why you can now follow their progress online at http://macmag39.com/, on Twitter as @MacMag39 and on Facebook. give them your support and you'll be rewarded when they publish their shiny new magazine in time for degree show!