Thursday, November 07, 2013

New ebook available for Architecture

Now available as an ebook, the GSA Library is happy to announce the acquisition of Shape as Memory: A Geometric Theory of Architecture.

How do buildings store information and experience in their shape and form? Michael Leyton has attracted considerable attention with his interpretation of geometrical form as a medium for the storage of information and memory. In this publication, he draws specific conclusions for the field of architecture and construction, attaching fundamental importance to the complex relationship between symmetry and asymmetry.

Wherever possible, GSA Library is trying to champion the acquisition of ebooks, which means that multiple students can access these key texts at the same time, with no due back dates or fine systems. Students can access ebooks directly through the book's catalogue entry, by clicking on the Dawson Era hyperlink, which will take them straight through. When accessing an ebook off-campus, you will be required to enter your GSA login and password. 

Happy reading!