Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Mackintosh Library

As some of you may know, we re-opened the Mackintosh Library last week to all GSA staff and students. The first week was a great success, with students coming in to draw the space, take inspiration from Mackintosh's designs and browse some of the books in the collection.

One of the questions that kept coming up though is what's actually in the collection of the Mackintosh Library? And the answer is lots of amazing books that really need to see the light of day more often!

The Mackintosh Library houses some of our reference collection of older and rarer Special Collections books, along with our pre-1985 journals. It also houses publications on and by the School's staff and students, both past and present, and you've produced an exhibition catalogue as part of your course at GSA, you may well find it in there. Rare and archival items, including periodicals dating back to the early 19th century and publications about Charles Rennie Mackintosh are also housed here.

4th Years may be interested to come along and look at our collection of degree show catalogues, kept on the shelves in order of subject matter. Please contact our Trainee Librarian Delphine Dallison at if a group of you wish to arrange to come and view them.

Here's a few examples of items you might find:

Every copy of MacMag which has been published since the start of the magazine in 1974

The complete collection of Vogue Magazine from 1945 to 1985

June 1931 - April 1939 copies of Needlewoman 
(most issues include transfer pattern supplements)

1930 - 1982 copies of the National Geographic Magazine

1893 - 1963 copies of the Studio, a major influence on the development of the 
Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements in Europe

A full size collection of reproduction posters from the 1900s

Other great journals and books such as the Architectural Review, 
the Grammar of Ornaments and Camera Work

All of these publication are featured in the GSA Library catalogue should you wish to look them up for further information. Please feel free to drop by and ask the duty librarian more about the collection during open hours on Wednesdays 2pm - 4pm or contact us by email at with any of your questions.