Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Internet Detective: Improve your internet search skills

Were you disappointed with the mark on your last essay? Did you get pulled up for using the wrong mix of sources or poor quality sources? Maybe you need to brush up on your internet search skills with the Internet Detective, a free online tutorial geared towards academic writing.

This online tutorial will take you through examples of good and bad sources and citations and explain the difference between the two. It also has little quizzes to test your knowledge as well as information on referencing and copyright law.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Architecture re-imagined via photography...

Check out the work of artist Victor Enrich whose imagination is simply limitless when it meets the right building. Like a game of tetris with a dash of rubix cube, Enrich shuffles windows, floors and perspectives in a fun and playful way. Below are photos of his latest work inspired by a building in Munich.

Photographer Víctor Enrich Imagines the Same Building in Munich Configured in 88 Ways digital architecture

Photographer Víctor Enrich Imagines the Same Building in Munich Configured in 88 Ways digital architecture

Photographer Víctor Enrich Imagines the Same Building in Munich Configured in 88 Ways digital architecture

Photographer Víctor Enrich Imagines the Same Building in Munich Configured in 88 Ways digital architecture

Photographer Víctor Enrich Imagines the Same Building in Munich Configured in 88 Ways digital architecture

Check out the artist's blog to find out more about his work.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

OpenAIR Library

The University of York have recently released a new project called the Open Air Library, a database of acoustic impulse responses (reverberations) available to download under a Creatives Common license for auralization. Auralization is used more and more by researcher to predict the quality of sound produced in a building depending on the materials used, but also by game designers to recreate specific sounds produced within the game's buildings as well as for various virtual reality applications.

Hamilton Mausoleum

Some of the sounds available to download have been generated and recorded within real world settings and other have been computer generated. You can search for each use the world map. The library also includes a database of sounds recorded within an anechoic environment, which you can browse here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New online resource: The Network Rail Archive

The archives of Network Rail have been amassing information about its history and construction for over 200 years and they are now preparing to make this information more accessible to the public with an online archive.
Not all the information held in Network Rail's archive will become available online, but they will posting new information on a regular basis to coincide with events and anniversaries. The online version contains lots of historical timelines, photos, information on topics such as engineering, as well as links to other resources for finding out information on a whole range of topics.
Follow this link to access the online Network Rail Archive and if there's any information you need but can't find on the site, contact the archivist here.

Monday, April 07, 2014

New e-Book: Visions of suburbia

We're happy to announce a new addition to our e-Book collection in Architecture: Visions of Suburbia, edited by Roger Silverstone.

Suburbia - "Tupperware", television, bungalows and respectable front lawns. Always instantly recognisable though never entirely familiar. The tight semi-detached estates of 1930s Britain and the infenced and functional tract housing of middle America. The elegant villas of Victorian London and the clapboard and brick of 1950s Sydney. Architecture and landscapes may vary from one suburban scene to another, but the suburb is the embodiment of the same desire; to create for middle class middle cultures, middle spaces in middle America, Britain and Australia. This volume considers this emergent architectural space, this set of values and this way of life. The contributors address suburbia and the suburban from the point of view of its production, its consumption and its representation. Placing suburbia centre stage, each essay examines what it is that makes suburbia so distinctive and what it is that has made suburbia so central to contemporary culture.

Whenever possible, if a book is proving very popular and its many copies are always out on loan with lots of reservations, we try to find it as an e-book to make it available to all the students. All e-books are available on Dawson Era and you can access them via the link listed on their catalogue entry. You will need to use your institutional login to access any e-books off campus. 
If any other books are proving equally popular and over-subscribed, you can make a purchase suggestion and we'll look into whether it is available and we can purchase it as an e-book.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Intellect Journals: Design Ecologies

The GSA Library are happy to announce that they have taken out an electronic subscription to the ground breaking collection of Intellect Journals. We'll be telling you about the various journals included in the subscription over the coming months and today we're highlighting Design Ecologies, a journal described by its editor, Dr. Shaun Murray, as follows:

"Design Ecologies foregrounds the inextricable connection between human communication and ecological accountability in architectural design. This burgeoning field has the potential to become a far-reaching discipline, bonding a community that crosses over into and out of architecture, environment, interaction, urbanism, and performing arts and communication.
Through original design exploration ranging in scale, the journal will proffer a critical vision towards the built environment, and promote ecological transitions within local and global contexts. It will challenge the everyday emerging practices of architectural design by offering a transdisciplinary framework for design production."

This journal is currently in its 4th publication and a great new resource for Architecture and other disciplines. It's accessible electronically through our catalogue, following this link. Access off-campus will require an institutional login using your GSA login and password.