Monday, April 07, 2014

New e-Book: Visions of suburbia

We're happy to announce a new addition to our e-Book collection in Architecture: Visions of Suburbia, edited by Roger Silverstone.

Suburbia - "Tupperware", television, bungalows and respectable front lawns. Always instantly recognisable though never entirely familiar. The tight semi-detached estates of 1930s Britain and the infenced and functional tract housing of middle America. The elegant villas of Victorian London and the clapboard and brick of 1950s Sydney. Architecture and landscapes may vary from one suburban scene to another, but the suburb is the embodiment of the same desire; to create for middle class middle cultures, middle spaces in middle America, Britain and Australia. This volume considers this emergent architectural space, this set of values and this way of life. The contributors address suburbia and the suburban from the point of view of its production, its consumption and its representation. Placing suburbia centre stage, each essay examines what it is that makes suburbia so distinctive and what it is that has made suburbia so central to contemporary culture.

Whenever possible, if a book is proving very popular and its many copies are always out on loan with lots of reservations, we try to find it as an e-book to make it available to all the students. All e-books are available on Dawson Era and you can access them via the link listed on their catalogue entry. You will need to use your institutional login to access any e-books off campus. 
If any other books are proving equally popular and over-subscribed, you can make a purchase suggestion and we'll look into whether it is available and we can purchase it as an e-book.